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India Awakes

In the past 25 years, India has cut poverty in half. 250 million people have moved out of poverty into a middle class life. Although there is still much progress to made, the transformation for millions in India out of poverty has been astounding. How did this happen? Who, exactly, benefitted? What can we learn from their growth? This film follows the lives of three people who are examples of those whose lives are transforming:

  • Rama Bhai is a tribal leader in Sagai village, located in Gujarat. As a tribal person, his ancestors were harassed first by the British occupiers, and later by Indian Forest Preserve authorities. He was considered a criminal on his own ancestral land. In an amazing turn of events, including use of Google Maps, Rama now has deed to his land and is successfully farming it.
  • Banwari Lal Sharma is a street vendor who grew up in extreme poverty. Street vendors have been historically harassed by local police and government officials. Banwari is now leading a movement to protect all his fellow street vendors. His business has been successful enough that he has sent his children to college.
  • Mannem Madhusudana Rao was born a Dalit, the lowest caste. Through hard work, initiative and changing economic conditions in India, he is now a millionaire and CEO of a major construction company.
Produced for Free To Choose Network. 2015

James Tusty   Producer | Director | Writer
Maureen Castle Tusty   Director | Producer | Writer

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