SkyFilms Inc | Economic Freedom In Action: Changing Lives
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Economic Freedom In Action: Changing Lives

Many people conflate economic freedom with big business. In fact, it is often the case that some big businesses fight against economic freedom to prevent young upstarts from competing with them. True economic freedom benefits the average citizen. In this film we meet four extraordinary people from four countries who exemplify the importance of this core personal freedom:

  • Zambia: Sylvia Banda is a restaurant owner and food entrepreneur playing a critical role in the transformation of Zambia’s rural farmers.
  • South Korea: Daesung Kim escaped North Korea in 1997 and today is a venture capitalist in Seoul, South Korea. He only funds business ventures for his fellow North Korean refugees and hopes that some day they can all return to North Korea to help build an economically independent democracy.
  • Slovakia: Katarina Rybáriková runs the only European outpost of the popular Paul Frank brand with her mother and brother. They are part of a new generation of Slovakian business owners rising out of the economic ashes of communism.
  • Chile: John Hernandez is a bee farmer in Chile helping the international fight against a dramatic decline in the world’s bee population.
Produced for Free To Choose Network. 2013

James Tusty   Producer | Director | Writer
Maureen Castle Tusty   Producer | Director | Writer

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