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Fundraise For Your Choir

Many groups have screened The Singing Revolution as part of a proven fund-raising and audience development formula for choirs around the country.

Keep in mind that this is a story that shows how singing peacefully defeated an armed occupier. It shows that song can be so much more than entertainment.

People who attend a film screening are, by definition, people who attend cultural events. Choirs can attract film fans, Eastern Europeans, history buffs, nonviolent revolution activists, and other new demographic groups to see their choir perform.

You will build your support base as well as raise money.


“The audience was rapt and in tears by the end. I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given the Bach Society.”

“How often does a choir get an opportunity to reach beyond its usual base in such a significant way? The Singing Revolution allowed our choir to connect with lovers of cinema and history through your wonderful film. The community response has been fantastic. Thank you!”

Watch a video of Chamber Singers of Iowa City’s Music Director and Board President discuss their experience hosting a successful fundraiser with The Singing Revolution.

PDF Downloads

  •  Download PDF  Choir Fund Raising Flyer – An overview of the fund raising concept
  •  Download PDF  Screening Nuts and Bolts – More details about how it actually works

Contact Us

To contact us about using The Singing Revolution as a fund raiser, please e-mail: or call Sky Films Incorporated at 518-674-1630.