SkyFilms Inc | The Singing Revolution Digital Library Annual Subscription
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The Singing Revolution Digital Library Annual Subscription

$99.95 / 12 months

Streaming Access Only

A comprehensive library of information about Estonia, with a focus on the Soviet occupation years. The library is derived from the interviews and materials gathered for The Singing Revolution film project. Included are 31 videos, 30 documents and 15 historical maps. Click below to visit the TSR Digital Library and see some free sample materials.


Throughout the course of creating The Singing Revolution over 100 hours of original footage was filmed, and another 20 hours of archival footage and research materials acquired from a wide variety of sources.

The very first rough cut of the film was more than four hours long! It took us over a year to cut the film down to the 97-minute version that is now the film known as The Singing Revolution.

But there were many, many stories and nuances that could not be included in a film 1½ hours in length. We have now assembled over 4 ½ hours of additional interview sound bites into 23 different videos arranged by subject matter. We identified seven historical newsreels related to that content. We also selected 30 relevant documents that correlate to the commentaries. And we have put together 15 maps of Europe from 180 AD until 1997 that make clear Estonia’s evolving political history.

In our library we also provide a full cut of the final film with filmmaker commentary on decisions made while crafting the story, shooting challenges and what happened behind the scenes. We explain the challenges and ultimate decisions made in making The Singing Revolution. There also is a brief interview with the Tustys made just after the film was completed but before it was released.

We have tried to create a library that is user-friendly for people to find the material that interests them without slugging through material not of interest. Clicking on any headline below will reveal a short description of the content and suggestions for other relevant material to review.

The TSR Library is intended for those academics, students, film fans, Estofiles, nonviolent activists, history buffs, choral singers and others who wish to learn more about the extraordinary events that led to the successful nonviolent revolution known as the Singing Revolution.